Thursday, November 1, 2007

Funny how blogging works...

For two days I can't think of anything to say, and today I have two topics.

So, would you like to hear about my lack of job opportunities or my lovely mother-in-law, who will be here to visit later?

*listens to the crickets*

OK, MIL it is!

I *heart* my mother-in-law Joan. Back in the days before Robert's dad died (in '91), I'd have to look at what I was wearing to see which piece of clothing or jewelry was given to me by her. These days, she's retired and thus on a fixed income. But I know her to be one of the most generous, dear people I know.

She didn't have to welcome me to her family with open arms. Here's a stunning confession for you internets (although all my RL friends know, of course): Robert and I found out 10 days after our engagement that we were expecting Son the Elder. So Joan was understandably a little upset about the situation early on, but she was never upset with me as a person, and I could not ask for a better mother-in-law. She's just a lovely person. She has always treated me just as she treats her own daughters. She chats with me when she calls, even if she really wanted to talk to Robert. In every way, she is a gracious, loving, model mother-in-law. I hope to live up to her if and when my boys marry.

She remarried a few years after Steve died. Dave is a great guy and a wonderful companion to Joan. So Dave and Joan will be coming this evening to take my family to dinner. Joan will enjoy seeing my new torch, since she and I are beading buddies.

The real reason that they are in town, though, is Son the Older's final high school marching performance tomorrow night. Yes, Bradley is a senior -- I can hardly believe it! There will apparently be some ceremony on the field for senior parents before tomorrow's game, so we have to be there early for photos and teary farewells. Fortunately I'm not a crier, but I may have to make an exception for this. I'll post pics later.

And now I'm going to have to go look at baby pictures of my giant son, if you'll pardon me...


byoc said...

I didn't used to be a crier, but I am now. My mom can't believe it, tough old me crying all the time. LOL Thats what kids do to ya!
I also found out I was pregnant a couple weeks after we got engaged, lol.

I can't believe you've not only heard of Quelf but have been wanting it! LOL Well, of course if you've heard of it you want it. Its just that great! I hope you win! If not, Barnes and Noble has it, and Wiggity Bang would love it if people bought through them so that B&N picks up their other games next year.
It is worth every single penny.

bensrib said...

I have a great MIL too, and I'm trying my best to BE one to my son-in-law. So far, so good, I think, but you'd have to ask him. Senior stuff is fun - I've graduated three kids so far, and #4 is a senior this year.

chickadee said...

i wish i would be hit with sudden inspiration. i'm having a blog slump too.

Mommy said...

I have some baby pictures of your elder son too...I'll send them right over **sob sob**

I can't believe he's a senior. I remeber the night of his birth like it was yesterday. Mom and I waiting up all night for the call that he was finally here...the first time I saw him - such a cutie!! His first (really 2nd) Christmas at mom's when he took ALL DAY to open his presents!! Now he's almost a "grown up"!!
You've done a great job with him - he's an amazing young man.

Becky said...

His last game is tonight? Wow... it's still so hard to believe he's a senior.

Have a great time!