Monday, October 19, 2009

What I Did on My Summer Vacation (All of Them)

This post is shamelessly stolen from Vince's blog since I don't have an original bone in my body and I'm not ashamed to admit it. And I like maps and find it interesting to see where other people have been.

So here's where I've been:

visited 16 states (32%)

I've driven from Texas to California by both the northern and southern routes, thus filling in all those states, and I've driven to Illinois and Florida as well. I've flown to Hawaii and New York for fabulous vacations.

Unfortunately, the rest of the US remains untouched. I hope to make it to Alaska on a cruise next year with my fun aunt who's celebrating a significant birthday. I guess the rest of the country will have to wait.

What am I missing that I must see? Where have you been? Create your own map, post it and tell me -- or just post a comment telling me how many states you've been to.


Becky Laswell said...

I'll play! 42 states.

Other great states to visit... Too bad your kids are older, else I'd suggest a great American road trip involving Mount Rushmore and Yellowstone. Have you ever been to Washington DC? I bet you'd enjoy that. Or, perhaps you should go to Atnalta, the city of palindromes! (We have family there now, in addition to friends, so it's moving higher on my list of weekend getaway destinations.)

Lisa said...

Curiously, we suggested DC once and at least one of the boys turned up his nose (that's when we ended up in Hawaii -- everyone loves Hawaii). Still, I'd love to go, and I don't think either DC or national parks are really age dependent, although road trips aren't so fun if you're already college age.

I'd love to go to Atnalta, city of palindromes, but hubby keeps turning his nose up at it. I'll go without him one day. =P And Nashville too -- I'd love to visit there.